A Weights and Measures Accredited company

Weights and Measures service provider

      MS Series                           SW series floor scale

                        Matrix 365                   GSE 60 Series family

                Floor scale accessories                         MB Series bench scale           


 Matrix Scale is a manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Weighing Scales

As an Accredited Company, Matrix Scale can provide our customers with Measurement Canada Certifications on scales and instruments that have been approved by Weights and Measures Canada.



The company specializes but is not limited to four distinct divisions:

  • Products - Floor scales, bench scales, Counting scales, Digital indicators, load cells, mounting assemblies, scale accessories, Label, Ticket and Bar Code printers and much more.



  • Rental Scales - Floor scales, bench scales, counting scales, crane scales and more.


  • Service Department - Preventive maintenance to scales, Measurement Canada certifications, scale repairs, fully trained service technicians available 24/7 



For more information and pricing please email us at:


  " We don't just sell scales, we solve problems"



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